WeL's Window Cleaning Service - Power Washing
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We also power wash law furniture. WeL's Window Cleaning Service  equipment is commercial grade and includesusing all professional cleaning solutions and application.
 We power wash:.
 . Decks
.  Patios
.  Patios furniture
. Sidewalks
. Play sets
. Aluminum siding
. Vinyl siding
 . Garages
. and more!

We service the area of :

 Pricing for Power washing homes:
One Story Homes: $130 to $150 per side
A full one story home (all 4 sides) averages $520to $600
Tow Story Home: $140 to $175 per side
A full two story home  (all 4 sides) averages $560 to $700
Three Story Home: $200 to $250 per side
A full three story home ( all 4 sides)$800 to $1000
Detached Garage: $100 to $160
All our work is subject to on site inspection and final price is determined
BEFORE the start of cleaning .
Exact prices are based on estimates and personal agreement with the
customer. Estimates and consultation are given in person.
Window cleaning
Drain cleaning
Sewer and drain cleaning
Gutter cleaning
Power washing
Power washing before or after cleaning.
We also power wash driveways and parking lots.